Peer-reviewed publications

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  • 2018:
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  • 2017:
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  • 2016:
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  • 2015:
    1. StaDynA: Addressing the Problem of Dynamic Code Updates in the Security Analysis of Android Applications. Y. Zhauniarovich, M. Ahmad, O. Gadyatskaya, B. Crispo and F. Massacci. In Proceedings of CODASPY, ACM, 2015. bib ]
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  • 2014:
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  • 2013:
    1. DEMO: Enabling Trusted Stores for Android. Y. Zhauniarovich, O. Gadyatskaya and B. Crispo. In Proc. of CCS, ACM, pp. 1345-1348, 2013. bib ]
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  • 2012:
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  • 2011:
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  • 2010:
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