Game-theoretic Approaches to Security

PhD and PostDoc Vacancies in Security

The project

The project aims to develop new approaches to the design and analysis of secure systems based on the observation that the security of a system can be considered as the result of a game between a defender and an attacker of the system. This observation opens up a wealth of analysis methods from the field of game theory. It is expected that game theoretic approaches have an impact on the design and analysis of fair-exchange protocols and other types of security protocols. Research will be conducted on the study of security attacks and counter-measures to prevent or mitigate such attacks. The project will focus on the application of non-zero sum games and games of imperfect information.


Profile for the PhD student position:

Profile for the PostDoc position:


The tasks for the PhD student will be to

The tasks for the PostDoc will be to

Appointment and Salary

The PhD student will be employed for a period of 3 years (40 hrs/week), with a possible extension of 1 year. The PostDoc will be employed for a period of 3 years (40 hrs/week). Supervision will be done by Prof. Dr. Leon van der Torre and Prof. Dr. Sjouke Mauw

PostDoc and PhD student will be appointed by the University of Luxembourg. The PostDoc shall start on April 1, 2009 (or shortly after) and the PhD student shall start in the first half of 2009.

The remuneration for the PhD position is around 24.000 EUR/year netto, and for the PostDoc position between 39.000 and 52.500 EUR/year netto. (Note: These figures are meant as an indication and may vary according to personal circumstances.)


For inquiries about the project or the positions, please contact Prof. Dr. Leon van der Torre (, +352 4666445261) or Prof. Dr. Sjouke Mauw (, +352 4666445480).


Interested parties are invited to send an application in PDF format to and The application should consist of the following documents:

The deadline for application is Feb 20, 2009.

Your application needs to include the relevant job reference number F1R-CSC-AFR-0802 for the PhD student position or F1R-CSC-AFR-0803 for the PostDoc position.