Formal Languages and Automata

Information on the course Formal Languages and Automata is kept here. This course starts on 22 Feburary 2017 and is worth 3 ECTS points.



To give the student an introduction to a mathematical framework for two central concepts in computer science: that of formal languages (e.g., such as programming languages) and that of computation. A study of formal languages and the correspondence between language classes and the automata that recognise them will be presented. Formal definitions of finite state automata and pushdown automata, deterministic and nondeterministic systems, context-free grammars and their ambiguity, finally Turing machines will be discussed.


Reading material

The text book for this course is Michael Sipser's "Introduction to the Theory of Computation", Course Technology Inc, International edition, 2005.
ISBN-10: 0619217642
ISBN-13: 978-0619217648

Lecture notes are available via Moodle.


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