Network Security

Information on the course Network Security is kept here. The course is part of the Master en Management de la Sécurité des Système d'Information (MSSI).



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Lectures are on Feb. 23, Mar. 9 and Mar. 23. The lectures are taught in English.

Tentative outline of the lectures:

Date Outline
Friday, Feb. 23 CIA Triad, ISO-OSI network model, VPN, IPSec, and SSL/TLS
Friday, Mar. 9 Firewalls, intrusion detecion systems, and E-mail security (Part 1)
Friday, Mar. 23 E-mail security (Part 2), security protocols, RFID protocols, web security


By the end of the course the students will

Reading material

The main text book for this course is William Stalling's "Network Security Essentials, Applications and Standards", Fourth Edition, Prentice Hall, 2010. ISBN-10: 0-13-610805-9

Several other books that are interesting as well:

Lecture Notes

  • Lecture notes (chapters 1-4) for 23.02.2018
  • Lecture notes (chapters 5-6) for 09.03.2018
  • Lecture notes (chapters 7-9) for 23.03.2018
  • Attack trees (23.03.2018)
  • Vulnerabilities in web applications (23.03.2018)
  • Exercises

  • Exercises 1 (to be discussed in class on 09.03.2018)
  • Exercises 2 (were discussed in class on 09.03.2018)
  • Exercises 3 (were discussed in class on 23.03.2018)
  • Homework

  • Homework assignment 1 (deadline extended to 19.03.2018)
  • Homework assignment 2 (firm deadline by 26.03.2018)
  • Homework assignment 3-4 (firm deadline by 09.04.2018)
  • The public key needed for Homework 3-4