SRM seminar

The SRM is a joint research meeting of the SaToSS, APSIA and IRiSC groups supported by LACS and SnT. The SRM talks usually take place on Tuesdays in MNO-E03-25-110 on the Belval Campus. The SRM features presentations on ongoing research in security, privacy, and trust.

If you are interested in joining the seminar's mailing list, or in giving a talk at the seminar, contact Masoud Tabatabaei, Matteo Acclavio or Itzel Vazquez Sandoval. The next upcoming presentation is highlighted in boldface. A Google calendar of the SRM and related seminars is available.


No. Date Presenter Title Abstracts
406 December 19, 11:00, Maison du Nombre, Room 1.030 Pascal Berrang (University of Birmingham) ML-Leaks: Model and Data Independent Membership Inference Attacks and Defenses on Machine Learning Models Abstract
405 December 20, 11:00, Maison du Nombre, Room 1.030 Dr. Rizwan Asghar (University of Surrey) From Security Analysis of Alexa’s Top One Million Domains to Cyber Resilience: Key Challenges and Future Directions Abstract
404 December 7, 14:00, Maison du Nombre, Room 1.020 Andrzej Mizera ( University of Luxembourg) Autonomous Trustworthy Monitoring and Diagnosis of CubeSat Health (AtMonSat) Abstract
403 September 19, 10:30, Maison du Nombre, Room 1.010 Iwo Błądek ( Poznan University of Technology) Genetic Programming for Program Synthesis Problems with Logical Constraints Abstract
402 July 19, 10:30, Maison du Nombre, Room 1.010 Robert Kuennemann (CISPA-Helmholtz-Center for Information security, Saarbrücken) SAPIC+: protocol verifiers of the world, unite! Abstract
401 June 22, 10:30, Maison du Nombre, Room 0325110 Barbara Lewandowska (Konin University, Poland) Offense, Emotion and Biased Persuasion in the Media
400 June 20, 10:00, Maison du Nombre, Room 1.050 Emanuele D’Osualdo (MPI-SWS, Saarbrücken) Decidable Inductive Invariants for Verification of Cryptographic Protocols with Unbounded Sessions Abstract
399 May 10, 15:00, Maison du Savoir, Room 3.230 Christian Esposito (University of Salerno) Blockchain-based Authentication and Trust management for the IoT-based Smart cities Abstract
398 February 1st, 10:30 (virtual) Patrick Baillot (CNRS, Université de Lille) Type-based complexity analysis for a parallel process calculus Abstract
397 January 25th, 10:30 (virtual) Ieva Daukantas (IT University of Copenhagen) Towards AI Security: Formal Verification of Robust Mean Estimation. Abstract