SRM seminar

The SRM is a joint research meeting of the SaToSS and APSIA groups supported by LACS and SnT. The SRM talks take place on Tuesdays at 10:30am in E212 on the Kirchberg Campus unless otherwise indicated. The SRM features presentations on ongoing research in security, privacy, and trust.

If you are interested in joining the seminar's mailing list, or in giving a talk at the seminar, contact Peter Rønne or Jun Pang. The next upcoming presentation is highlighted in boldface. A Google calendar of the SRM and related seminars is available.


No. Date Presenter Title Abstracts
286 December 7, 16:00, E112 Katia Santacà (University of Verona) A Topological Categorization of Agents for the Definition of Attack States in Multi-Agent Systems (joint ICR/SRM seminar) Abstract
285 December 6 Chiu Kai Wu (Abo Akademi University, Finland) Summary on the work on boolean network and controllability Abstract
284 November 25, 14:00, F213 Yu Li Mathematical Modeling of Network Traffic Abstract
283 November 23, 10:30, E212 Mathias Humbert (Saarland University, Germany) New Challenges in Health Data Privacy: The Case of MicroRNA Expressions Abstract
282 November 21, 14:00, E212 Steve Kremer (INRIA, Nancy, France) Can Charlie distinguish Alice and Bob? (Automated verification of equivalence properties.) Abstract
281 November 8, 10:00, F213 Dan Bogdanov (Cybernetica, Estonia) Deploying secure computing for real-world applications Abstract
280 Friday, November 4 Soumya Paul (Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse, France) Approximate Probabilistic Verification of Hybrid Systems Abstract
279 Friday, October 28, F213 Catalin Dragan (LORIA, Nancy, France) Machine-checked proofs of privacy for electronic voting Abstract
278 October 18 Juan Luis Jimenez Laredo (ANEC GIE) Lessons Learned on Global Optimization: An Evolutionary Computation Approach Abstract
277 Friday, October 14 Louis Fippo Fitime (Ecole Centrale de Nantes, France) Efficient Static Analysis of Dynamical Properties of Automata Networks Abstract
276 October 11 Chiu Kai Wu (Abo Akademi University, Finland) Graph-theoretic Approach to Structural Controllability of Linear System and Some NP-Hard Results Abstract
275 Friday, October 7, F213 Alessandro Bruni (University of Copenhagen, Denmark) Selene in Celf: Formalising Voting Protocols in Linear Logic Abstract
274 September 27 Alexandr Lenin (Cybernetica, Estonia) Infeasibility Certificates for Attack Trees Abstract
273 Friday, September 16, 2pm Cas Cremers (Oxford University) On Post-Compromise Security (and messaging protocols you actually use) Abstract
272 Monday, August 22 Karim Lounis A Stochastic Framework for Quantitative Analysis of Attack-Defense Trees Abstract
271 July 19 Tim Muller (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) How to Use Information Theory to Mitigate Unfair Rating Attacks Abstract
270 June 28 Cheng-te Li (Academia Sinica, Taiwan) Mining Big Social and Diffusion Data with Its Applications Abstract
269 June 14 Qixia Yuan Fast Simulation of Probabilistic Boolean Networks Abstract
268 May 31 Diego Agustin Ambrossio and Marcos Cramer A Non-Monotonic Logic for Distributed Access Control Abstract
267 May 24, F213 Sasa Radomirovic (ETH, Zurich) Human Errors in Security Protocols Abstract
266 May 10 Yang Zhang Quantifying location sociality Abstract
265 May 3, F213 Boris Skoric (Eindhoven University of Technology) Physical Unclonable Functions, optical and otherwise Abstract
264 Thursday, April 28, 3pm, F213 Mahsa Taziki (EPFL, Lausanne) D2P: Distance-based Differential Privacy in Recommenders Abstract
263 Wednesday, April 27 Marc Beunardeau (Ingenico, ENS Paris) On the fly authentication and slow-motion zero-knowledge Abstract
262 April 5 Katsiaryna Labunets (University of Trento) Security Risk Assessment Methods: An Evaluation Framework and Theoretical Model of the Criteria Behind Methods' Success Abstract
261 March 22 Hongyang Qu (University of Sheffield) Performance Study of Game-Theoretic Learning Algorithms Abstract
260 March 21, 2pm Pei Wang (The Pennsylvania State University) Translingual Obfuscation Abstract
259 March 15 Yang Zhang An Empirical Study on User Access Control in Online Social Networks Abstract
258 Wednesday, March 9, F213 Richard Clayton (University of Cambridge) No room at the Inn? Analysing Hotel Room Poaching Abstract
257 Wednesday, February 24, F213 Florian Göpfert On the Hardness of LWE with Binary Error: Revisiting the Hybrid Lattice-Reduction and Meet-in-the-Middle Attack Abstract
256 February 23 Yunior Ramirez-Cruz (Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona) Adding redundancy to graph resolvability parameters Abstract
255 January 15, 2pm Yongjian Li (Chinese Academy of Sciences) paraVerifier: An Automatic Framework for Proving Parameterized Cache Coherence Protocols Abstract