SRM 2009

Information on the SaToSS Research Meeting seminar is kept here. The SaToSS Research Meeting takes place Tuesdays 10:30-11:30 in E212 on the Kirchberg Campus unless otherwise indicated.

Presentations given in 2009

No. Date Presenter Title
34. December 15 Gabriele Lenzini Trust-Enhanced Security: Applying Trust Management in Systems' Security, Examples Abstract
33. December 1 Sjouke Mauw Secret Santa Protocols Abstract
32. November 17 Patrick Schweitzer On Attack/Defense Trees [slides] Abstract
31. November 10 Robert Carter Location-aware multifactor authentication Abstract
30. November 3 Barbara Kordy Verifying Security Protocols using Term Rewriting Techniques Abstract
29. October 27 Graham Steel Formal Analysis of Security APIs [slides] Abstract
28. October 20 Jun Pang Probabilistic leader election algorithms Abstract
27. October 9 Xin An Model Checking Round-Based Distributed Algorithms Abstract
26. October 6 Xihui Chen Improving automatic verification of security protocols with XOR Abstract
25. September 29 Ying Zhang Game-Based Verification of Multi-Party Contract Signing Protocols Abstract
24. September 17 Tim Muller The Expressivity of Kleene star in Process Algebras with the Empty Process Abstract
23. September 15 Peter Ryan Pretty Good Democracy Abstract
22. September 9 Ben Smyth, University of Birmingham Automated reasoning for election verifiability in electronic voting protocol Abstract
21. July 21 Delphine Longuet Testing from Logical Specifications: Proof-guided Test Selection Abstract
20. July 20 Patrick Schweitzer Accelerating Average Consensus - Weight Choosing with the Symprio Algorithm Abstract
19. July 14 Pim Vullers Secure Ownership and Ownership Transfer in RFID Systems Abstract
18. June 30 Sjouke Mauw Petri net basics plus a specification of the coin exchange problem Abstract
17. June 16 Sasa Radomirovic On Coin Exchanges and Wallets Abstract
16. June 4 Osman Akcatepe Polarization Mode Dispersion and Chromatic Dispersion in Quantum Cryptography Abstract
15. May 28, 13:00 Hongyang Qu MCMAS: A model checker for the verification of multi-agent systems Abstract
14. May 26 Peter Ryan OpenVeto and OpenVote Abstract
13. May 19 Baptiste Alcalde Model-driven Fuzzing Abstract
12. May 12 Sasa Radomirovic More on honest but curious judges Abstract
11. May 5 Chenyi Zhang How to Work with Honest but Curious Judges? Abstract
10. April 28, 14:00 Hugo Jonker Nuovo DRM: Introducing Fair Exchange in DRM [slides] Abstract
9. April 21 Erik de Vink Architecting Security with Paradigm Abstract
8. April 8 Xihui Chen, Xin An, Ying Zhang Midterm presentation of Master's thesis work Abstract
7. March 31 Ton van Deursen Undecidability Abstract
6. March 24 Barbara Kordy A Rewrite Approach for Tree Pattern Containment Abstract
5. March 17, 15:30 Gerardo Iglesias, Pim Vullers Midterm presentation of Master's thesis work Abstract
4. March 10 Peter Ryan Prêt a Voter a la Florentina Abstract
3. March 3 Chenyi Zhang Information Flow in Systems with Schedulers Abstract
2. February 24 Mohammad Torabi Dashti Super-strings and multi-party contract signing Abstract
1. February 17 Sjouke Mauw An algebra for trust dilution and trust fusion Abstract