SRM 2010

Information on the SaToSS Research Meeting seminar is kept here. The SaToSS Research Meeting takes place Tuesdays 10:30-11:30 in E212 on the Kirchberg Campus unless otherwise indicated.

Presentations given in 2010

No. Date Presenter Title
78. December 14 Barbara Kordy On propositional Attack-Defense Trees Abstract
77. December 8 Ben Smyth Automated verification of selected equivalences with barriers Abstract
76. December 7 Ben Smyth Attacking ballot secrecy in Helios Abstract
75. November 29
(joint ICR/SaToSS event)
Matthijs Melissen Doubtful Deviations and Farsighted Play - Anticipation in game theory Abstract
74. November 26
(joint SnT/SaToSS event)
Ricardo Corin (Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Argentina) Efficient Symbolic Execution for Analysing Cryptographic Protocol Implementations Abstract
73. November 23 Georgios Pitsilis Clustering Recommenders in Collaborative Filtering using Explicit Trust information Abstract
72. November 16 Sasa Radomirovic Towards a model for security and privacy in the IoT Abstract
71. November 9 Hugo Jonker Anonymity and Verifiability in Voting: Understanding (Un)Linkability Abstract
70. November 2 Melanie Volkamer (CASED, Darmstadt) Electronic voting - past and future research at CASED Abstract
69. October 26 Peter Ryan J-PAKE, a password based, authenticated key establishment protocol Abstract
68. October 19 Sjouke Mauw Looking for the needle in a haystack: reverse engineering data dumps Abstract
67. October 5 Veronique Cortier (LORIA) Can I get my security proof for free? [slides] Abstract
66. September 28 Zhiyuan Liu Extending a Certified Email Protocol with TTP Transparency and its Formal Verification Abstract
65. September 21 Yanjie Sun Privacy in Social Networks - A Comparative Study and A Scheme on Collaborative Management Abstract
64. September 14 Michael Clarkson (Cornell University, USA) Hyperproperties [slides] [paper] Abstract
63. September 2 Naipeng Dong Analysis of a Receipt-Free Auction Protocol in the Applied Pi Calculus Abstract
62. August 31 Patrick Schweitzer Foundations of Attack--Defense Trees Abstract
61. August 26 Tim Muller Semantics for Trust Abstract
60. August 24 Tim Muller Expressiveness modulo Bisimilarity of Regular Expressions with Parallel Composition Abstract
59. July 19 Shishir Nagaraja (IIIT, Delhi, India) Playing hide and seek in graphs OR the impact of unlinkability on adversarial community detection Abstract
58. July 13 Piotr Kordy Design and Analysis of Robust Timed Systems Abstract
57. July 9 Ralf Küsters (University of Trier, Germany) Central Security Requirements of E-Voting Systems: Verifiability, Accountability, and Coercion-Resistance Abstract
56. June 30 Jean-Raymond Abrial (ETH Zürich, Switzerland) Development of a Network Topology Discovery Algorithm [slides] [paper] Abstract
55. June 22 Per Håkon Meland (SINTEF, Norway) Threat modelling: A short introduction and stories from end user involvement [slides] Abstract
54. June 14, 10:30 Shishir Nagaraja (IIIT, Delhi, India) Slaying the snooping dragon: detecting botnets via structured graph analysis Abstract
53. June 10 Selwyn Piramuthu (University of Florida, USA) Input Data with Sequential Bias in Recommender Systems Abstract
52. June 8 Yanjie Sun Privacy Enhancement through Collaboration in Social Networks Abstract
51. June 3, 11:00 Zhe Xia (University of Surrey, UK) Pret a Voter for the UK elections Abstract
50. June 1 Zhiyuan Liu Modeling and analysis of a certified email protocol Abstract
49. May 18 Ron Rivest (MIT, USA) Game-theoretic approaches to preference aggregation in voting Abstract
48. May 11 Richard Clayton (University of Cambridge, UK) What might eCrime research look like in Luxembourg? [pdf] [ppt] Abstract
47. April 27 Tom Chothia (University of Birmingham, UK) Statistical Measurement of Information Leakage [slides] Abstract
46. April 23, 13:15 Tom Chothia (University of Birmingham, UK) A Traceability Attack Against e-Passports [slides] Abstract
45. March 30 Ton van Deursen and Sasa Radomirovic On the privacy of elliptic-curve-based RFID protocols Abstract
44. March 16 Guillaume Aucher (ICR group, UL) Privacy policies with dynamic logic Abstract
43. March 9 Naipeng Dong An Introduction to the Applied Pi Calculus - Part I [slides] Abstract
42. March 2 Cas Cremers (ETH Zürich, Switzerland) Modeling and Analyzing Security in the Presence of Compromising Adversaries [slides] Abstract
41. February 23 Chenyi Zhang On Synchronous Notions of Information Flow Security Abstract
40. February 16 Baptiste Alcalde Trusted Third Parties (TTPs) Abstract
39. February 9 Matthijs Melissen Games with secure equilibria Abstract
38. February 2 Georgios Pitsilis (Newcastle University, UK) Trust for recommender systems, Current Achievements and Concepts for Exploration Abstract
37. January 26 Hugo Jonker Quantifying voter-controlled privacy Abstract
36. January 21 Martin Caminada (ICR group, UL) Attack and Defense in Formal Argumentation Abstract
35. January 19 Jan Willemson (Cybernetica, Estonia) Attack Trees. Models and Computation [slides] Abstract