SRM seminar

The SRM is a joint research meeting of the SaToSS and APSIA groups supported by LACS and SnT. The SRM talks take place on Tuesdays at 10:30am in E212 on the Kirchberg Campus unless otherwise indicated. The SRM features presentations on ongoing research in security, privacy, and trust.

Since 2012, the SRM is co-organised by Barbara Kordy and Jean Lancrenon. From 2009-2011, the SRM was organised by Saša Radomirović. The next upcoming presentation is highlighted in boldface. A Google calendar of the SRM and related seminars is available.


No. Date Presenter Title Abstracts
198. December 17 Samir Ouchani A Security Verification Framework for SysML Activity Diagrams Abstract
197. December 10, F213 Jeroen van de Graaf (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brasil) Improved Non-Interactive Dining Cryptographers Abstract
196. Friday, November 22, 10am, joint SRM and CSC-Bio seminar, Salle du Conseil Jean Krivine Rule-based modeling of protein-protein interaction networks: deriving pathways from facts. Abstract
195. November 19, F213 Vincenzo Iovino (University of Warsaw, Poland) On the achievability of simulation-based security for functional encryption Abstract
194. November 12 Gabriele Lenzini Applying the Socio-Technical Approach in Security Abstract
193. October 29 Diana Marosin (CRP Henri Tudor) Assessing Risks and Opportunities in Enterprise Architecture Using an Extended ADT Approach Abstract
192. Wednesday, October 16, 3:30pm, F213 Liqun Chen (HP labs) Trusted Computing: Trusted Platform Modules and the Cryptographic Algorithms Supported by Them Abstract
191. October 15 Steve Kremer (LORIA Nancy) Automated verification of equivalence properties in symbolic models [slides] Abstract
190. October 1st, F213 Jose Miguel Perez Urquidi Attribute Based Signatures Abstract
189. Thursday, September 26, 10am, E212 Christian W. Probst (Technical University of Denmark) From System Models to Attack Trees Abstract
188. September 24, F213 Stephen Clark (University of Cambridge) Linguistic Steganography: Information Hiding in Text Abstract
187. July 23, 2pm, F213 Jeroen van de Graaf (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil) Fast key distribution with security from quantum-optical noise Abstract
186. July 9, F213 Philip B. Stark (University of California, Berkeley) Mini-Minimax Uncertainty of Emulators Abstract
185. July 2 Sjouke Mauw Fair Parallel Multi-party Contract Signing Protocols Abstract
184. Thursday, June 20, 10:30am, F213 Walter Belgers (Madison Gurkha, Eindhoven) Social Engineering Abstract
183. June 18 Xihui Chen A Trust Framework for Evaluating GNSS Signal Integrity Abstract
182. June 11 Barbara Kordy Probabilistic framework for attack-defense trees Abstract
181. June 4, F213 Rui Joaquim Voter Verifiable Complex Ballots Encryption Abstract
180. May 28, 2pm, F213 Michele Orru (Trustwave SpiderLabs) I got your browser: say hello to BeEF [slides] Abstract
179. Wednesday, May 22, 1:30pm Tim Muller Beta Models with Trust Chains Abstract
178. May 14 Li Li (National University of Singapore) Symbolic Analysis of an Electric Vehicle Charging Protocol Abstract
177. May 7 Joost-Pieter Katoen (RWTH Aachen University) Analyzing Probabilistic Programs: Pushing the Limits of Automation Abstract
176. April 30 Yang Zhang A New Access Control Scheme for Facebook-style Social Networks Abstract
175. April 23, F213 Jean Lancrenon Three-Party, Password-Authenticated Key Exchange with Server Private Keys Abstract
174. Friday, April 19, 2pm Marielle Stoelinga (University of Twente) Time-Dependent Analysis of Attacks Abstract
173. March 26 David Williams (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) Model Checking under Refinement Closed Notions of Fairness [slides] Abstract
172. Joint SRM/Ilias seminar Friday, March 15, 10:30am Mirosław Kurkowski (Czestochowa University of Technology, Poland) Fast Verification of Security Protocols Abstract
171. March 12 Gerben Broenink (TNO The Netherlands) Security in smart grids [slides] Abstract
170. March 5 Christian Franck Anonymous communication and e-voting based on the Dining Cryptographers protocol Abstract
169. Friday, March 1st, 10am, F213 Paulo Verissimo (Universidade de Lisboa) Beyond the glamour of Byzantine Fault Tolerance: OR why resisting intrusions means more than BFT Abstract
168. February 26 Jannik Dreier (VERIMAG, France) Verifiability in e-Auction Protocols & Brandt's Protocol Revisited Abstract
167. January 22, F213 Joel Ouaknine (Oxford University) Decision Problems for Discrete Linear Dynamical Systems Abstract
166. Friday, January 18, 10:30am, E212 Muhammed Ali Bingol (TUBITAK-BILGEM UEKAE, Turkey) RFID security and privacy protocols for practical usage Abstract