SRM seminar

The SRM is a joint research meeting of the SaToSS and APSIA groups supported by LACS and SnT. The SRM talks take place on Tuesdays at 10:30am in MNO-E03-25-110 on the Belval Campus unless otherwise indicated. The SRM features presentations on ongoing research in security, privacy, and trust.

If you are interested in joining the seminar's mailing list, or in giving a talk at the seminar, contact Peter Rønne or Jun Pang. The next upcoming presentation is highlighted in boldface. A Google calendar of the SRM and related seminars is available.


No. Date Presenter Title Abstracts
350 December 12, 10:30, MSA 3.370 Jan Tobias Muehlberg (KU Leuven) Authentic Execution for Automotive Control Networks Abstract
349 December 6, 10:30, MSA 3.200 Ugo Chirico Smart Cards and related technologies Abstract
348 November 30, 10:30 Sevdenur Baloglu (Middle East Technical University) Design of S-boxes by Concatenation Method Abstract
347 October 25, 10:30, MSA 3.160 Daniel Thomas (University of Cambridge) Measuring Android vulnerability, and UDP DDoS attacks Abstract
346 October 19, 10:30, MSA 4.300 Josep Domingo-Ferrer (Universitat Rovira i Virgili) Connections between privacy models Abstract
345 October 10, 10:30, MSA 3.180 David Arroyo (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid) A Comprehensive Privacy-Respecting Mechanism for Global E-Commerce Abstract
344 October 9, 14:00, MSA 2.380 Frank Mousset (Tel Aviv University) The minrank of random graphs Abstract
343 October 4, 14:00 Cheng-Te Li (National Cheng Kung University) Organizing Influential Campaigns on Social Networks Abstract
342 September 27, 14:00 Sabrine Mallek (Ecole des Mines de Nancy) Social Network Analysis: Link Prediction Under Uncertain Reasoning Abstract
341 September 20, 10:30 Yang Zhang (CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security) ML-Leaks: Model and Data Independent Membership Inference Attacks and Defenses on Machine Learning Models Abstract
340 September 7, 10:30, MNO-E02-0225110 Semen Yurkov From Affine Varieties to Cox Rings: Understanding Algebraic Geometry Abstract
339 August 9, 10:30 Achim D. Brucker (University of Sheffield) Analyzing Web Browsers and Browser Extensions: An Example in Combining Applied Research and Formal Verification Abstract
338 July 27, 10:30 Marius Lombard-Platet Finding duplicates in an unbounded stream of data Abstract
337 July 24, 15:30 Alexis Boudin (ENS Paris-Saclay) A decomposition-based approach for the full control of Boolean networks Abstract
336 July 10, 14:30, MSA 2.230 Mirko Koscina (ENS/Almerys) Blockchain Technology: from Permissionless to Permissioned architecture and the security behind the consensus algorithms Abstract
335 July 3, 10:30, MSA 4.530 Jeroen van de Graaf (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais) A publicly verifiable protocol for random number generation Abstract
334 June 29, 10:30 Yury Zhauniarovich (Qatar Computing Research Institute) Sorting the Garbage: Filtering Out DRDoS Amplification Traffic in ISP Networks Abstract
333 June 19, 15:00, MSA 2.160 Geoffroy Couteau (Karlsruhe) Efficient Designated-Verifier Non-Interactive Zero-Knowledge Proofs of Knowledge Abstract
332 May 30, 10:30 Mina Sheikhalishahi (CNR, Pisa) Privacy-preserving collaborative data analysis Abstract
331 May 29, 15:00, MSA 2.230 David Naccache (ENS) Compressed Simulated Annealing: New Algorithms for Optimal Surveillance Camera Placement in Urban Environments Abstract
330 April 19 Cheng-Te Li (National Cheng Kung University) Tackling the Achilles Heel of Online Streaming Services: Towards Better Music Recommendation Systems by User Identification Abstract
329 April 17, 11:00, MSA 2.230 Razvan Rosie (ENS) Key-Robustness for Cryptographic Primitives Abstract
328 April 11, 11:00, MSA 3.220 Richard Clayton (Cambridge) Booters, Beagles, Blogs, Blackmail and other Badness Abstract
327 March 28, 10:30, MSA 2.400 Iraklis Symeonidis (KU Leuven) Analysis and design of privacy-enhancing systems: the case of Facebook and car sharing Abstract
326 March 27, 11:00, MSA 2.160 David Mestel (Oxford) Quantifying information flow in interactive systems Abstract
325 March 27, 10:30, MSA 2.160 Karola Marky (TU Darmstadt) Investigation of Human Factors in End-to-End Verifiable E-Voting Schemes Abstract
324 March 15, 11:15, MSA 3.220 Boris Skoric (TU Eindhoven) Quantum security with optical PUFs. Abstract
323 March 13, 10:30, MSA 3.100 Lara Schmid (ETHZ) How to model (e-voting) protocols in Tamarin Abstract
322 February 7, 15:00, CK Salle des Conseils Tiziano Bianchi (Politecnico di Torino) User Authentication via PRNU-Based Physical Unclonable Functions Abstract