SaToSS Research meeting

Seminar Rules


The purpose of the seminar rules is to


The rules are stated with respect to the usual seminar time slot which is Tuesdays 10:30 to 11:30. They are to be adapted to other time slots in what the seminar organizer thinks is the obvious manner.


The seminar speaker should plan for a 50 minute presentation, aiming to finish before 11:30. The speaker's presentation will end no later than 11:45, regardless of the amount of time lost due to a late start, malfunctioning hardware, interruptions through discussions and questions, etc.

Questions may be asked and answered until 11:55.


The audience may ask questions at any time. A latecomer should refrain from asking questions in the first ten minutes of his or her attendance.


Audience members may be asked by audience members to reduce the length and number of their comments, explanations, and questions. They may also be asked to remain silent.

The speaker is not a member of the audience.

Last word

The seminar organizer implements the rules. The seminar organizer may bend the rules. The seminar organizer has the last word.


For questions and comments contact Barbara or Jean.